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KROHNE pressure measurement - For a subtle difference

Discover how technology, know-how, material and experience make the subtle differences in pressure measurement - with a first-class result for you as a customer.

Safety solutions by KROHNE

Starting August 23, KROHNE is offering a series of live and interactive webinars to address plant safety challenges in the process industry. Attendance is free of charge!


Multifunctional smart flow control instrument: sensor, actuator and control function in one device

The fastest way to your metrological solution

Order measurement technology conveniently online

Unique instrumentation solutions for the optimisation of hydrogen applications

Flow & CT metering, leak detection, flow computing

Maximise your efficiency and process reliability across the entire LNG value chain

Leading measurement solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas

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    The seminar series "Practical implementation of functional safety (SIL) in accordance with DIN/EN 61508/61511" will be held in Duisburg and Müllheim (nearby Freiburg im Breisgau) in 2023

    Additional date for seminar series "Decarbonization and efficiency enhancement in industry, heat and water supply"

    On three dates in Duisburg, Frankenthal and Leipzig, the organizers will provide information on topics such as CO2 savings, energy and greenhouse gas monitoring in industry, in the water sector and in heating networks based on the legal framework conditions.

    Application start for the 2024 training year

    KROHNE is looking for reinforcement: apply now for a technical or commercial apprenticeship in Duisburg or Minden!

    Exhibitions & Events

    Upcoming International KROHNE Exhibitions & Events.

    Sep 26-28, 2023
    POWTECH Nuremberg
    View event
    Sep 26-27, 2023
    Praktische Umsetzung der funktionalen Sicherheit (SIL) gemäß der DIN/EN 61508/61511
    View event
    Sep 26-28, 2023
    Ilmac Basel
    View event
    Sep 27-28, 2023
    Hydrogen Technology Expo
    View event
    Sep 27-28, 2023
    Westfälische Trinkwassertagung
    View event
    Oct 18, 2023
    Meorga Landshut
    View event
    Oct 25-26, 2023
    Aqua Suisse Zürich
    View event
    Nov 1, 2023
    18. Bayersiche Wassertage
    View event
    Nov 14-16, 2023
    View event
    Nov 15-16, 2023
    Trinkwasser Rhein Neckar
    View event
    Nov 28-29, 2023
    Praktische Umsetzung der funktionalen Sicherheit (SIL) gemäß der DIN/EN 61508/61511
    View event
    Dec 5-6, 2023
    DVGW Wassermeisteraustausch
    View event
    Did you know?

    Did you know ...

    that KROHNE Coriolis mass flowmeters can also determine alcohol concentration by volume? Accurately, reliably, and directly via inline measurement!

    Find out how integrated inline alcohol concentration measurement has helped a whisky distillery always add the right amount of water to dilute its finished products to the desired strength. This ensures high quality standards in every bottle of the precious spirit.

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