Waterworks – The Haltern waterworks

Responsible for the Rhine, Ruhr and Münsterland

The waterworks in the Westphalian town of Haltern am See is one of a total of 13 waterworks run by Gelsenwasser AG, one of the largest providers of potable water in Germany. With an annual delivery of around 105 million m3 of water, it ranks among the largest of its kind in Europe. The service area includes more than 20 communities of the northern Ruhr district and Münsterland. A total of a million people, including commerce and industry are reliably supplied with potable water and service water by the waterworks. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

The Haltern waterworks is situated in a hydrogeologically favorable location, which owes its advantages to the 200 m high Halterner sand. This exposed location, in combination with responsible operation of the waterworks, is the guarantee that the natural environment in the popular local recreation area and around the waterworks and the Stever and Mühlenbach rivers is sustainably used and thereby preserved.   

The supply to the Haltern waterworks is ensured by a total of three sources: firstly, via ground water abstraction in the area around the waterworks and the adjacent Haard and Hohe Mark forests. Secondly, by ground water accumulation via the Haltern and Hullern dams. During this, the surface water stored in the dams is conducted into the deep bottom layers via seepage basins. And thirdly, by transferring water from the Dortmund-Ems canal into the dams during dry periods.

The Haltern am See waterworks has a transport capacity of 577,000 m3/day and 128 million m3 per year. The size of the water abstraction area (protection zone 1) is
200 ha.