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Solutions for the paper industry

It is doubtful that Ts'ai Lun, the Chinese man commonly credited with the discovery of paper, ever imagined that an entire industry would be the result of his discovery. The way he made paper was completely unheard of at the time: he mixed together fishing nets, old rags and tree bark, boiled it into a fibrous pulp, skimmed the pulp with a sieve and as soon as it was dry he pressed it and smoothed it out.

Today, wood is the most important raw material in industrial paper production. The main processes used to obtain wood include the processing of tree trunks into wood chips and subsequent pulp production.

When it comes to the amount of processed timber and when it comes to guaranteeing consistent paper quality, it comes down to the right mixture. This is where KROHNE measuring technology comes into play, especially in difficult applications such as the level measurement of aggressive acids and bases as used in felt washing. Or when measuring the flow of slightly adhesive substances like glue and paste or highly abrasive slurries and pulps.

Many well-known paper manufacturers rely on KROHNE solutions throughout the entire production process – from stock preparation to the sieve and press section right down to reeling and wastewater measurement.