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Customer training

In addition to the open service events that KROHNE offers, we can also provide our customers with personally tailored training sessions. These events can be built into the commissioning service, planned independently or be carried out in one of our training centers.

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KROHNE Service Academy

As part of the Academy series KROHNE organises regular service training for industrial flow and level measurement technology. The aim of the training is to provide users, operators and those responsible for commissioning the work with knowledge of the products and how to optimize and troubleshoot the equipment.

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KROHNE Academy

With users of process measurement technology the KROHNE Academy has become something of an institution, and gives you hands-on access to the expertise of a leading supplier. The offer includes single or multiple-day events on topics such as functional safety, measuring and control technology or temperature measurement.

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KROHNE Academy online

KROHNE Academy online gives you direct access to the knowledge and vast experience of one of the leading suppliers in industrial process measurement.

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