KROHNE Christmas card 2006/07







<font size="-2">&nbsp;&nbsp;Happiness, Fujio Akai 2006, Gouache on hand-made paper, 76 cm x 101cm<font>



As long as you go on chasing happiness

You are not yet ready to experience it

Even if you have all that is dearest to you.


As long as you bemoan your losses,

And desire things, and are restless,

You don't yet know what peace is.


Only when you renounce all wishes,

No longer pursue goals and desires

No longer call happiness by names.


Then the tide of existence

No more reaches the level of your heart,

and your soul is at peace.


(Herman Hesse (1877-1962)

<font size="-2">&nbsp;&nbsp;Kinidaros, Bernd Schwering 2006, Acrylic on board, 22 cm x 31cm<font>





This year again there is the option to buy high-value signed art prints from the shown works of art in 30 x 40 cm for 60 Euros from KROHNE Duisburg.


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